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About the Beauty Barber Gala

Diana Amison, Owner of Studio Four-One-Nine Barber Salon

Diana Amison, is a managing barber and stylist. Diana shares about us Beauty Barber Gala history and how it impacts the community.  She has 20+ years experience in the hair and beauty industry and unites with other professionals to give back. She was first licensed in 1992 and opened her salon in 2007. She originates from the Northwest Ohio area, thus the salon name, a tribute to her home area code.

About the Beauty Barber Gala Studio Four-One-Nine Barber Salon LLC is an accomplished unisex hair salon that is dedicated to providing high customer satisfaction, excellent service, and quality products. The atmosphere is enjoyable and services are affordable. At Studio Four-One-Nine Barber Salon, upholding our values are most important. We believe in maintaining a friendly, fair, and creative work environment where diversity, ideas, and hard work are respected.

“It hasn’t been easy, but I’ve been able to bring my vision to life. I wanted to provide community support for a charity while showcasing creative talent in beauty and fashion in a runway show. With the help of family, friends, supporters and sponsors, The Beauty Barber Gala keeps getting better. Join us for the Third Annual Beauty Barber Gala in 2016.” – Diana Amison

How It All Started

About the Beauty Barber Gala “After going to New Birth Christian Ministries for 7 years, I started attending the new members class. I learned that we are all put here ‘to serve’. I had to figure out what that meant for me…because all I knew was hair. That’s where my vision started and my new journey began,” shares Diana Amison.

Diana started researching hair loss and how she could help people suffering from hair loss. She talked to family members, clientele, and associates in the industry about what she wanted to do. Her vision soon took on a life of its own. She found her true purpose. Her family and clients became her new team, and together they made Diana’s vision a reality.

Originally known as The Beauty Barber Bash, the charity event has provided support for the past two years to Locks of Love and Little Princess Trust.

About the Beauty Barber Gala


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